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    I recognize the risks of chronic dieting and over-exercising because I’ve been there. I want to show you how to take small steps to achieve your health and lifestyle goals. I can guide you to eat with a deep sense of harmony and satisfaction by choosing wholesome foods that suit your specific needs. Together, we can discover an approach to take care of your unique body needs.

    “Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tiptoe if you must, but take the step”

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    To modify your recipes into healthy ones.

      Disclaimer: After the conversion of the recipe it will be owned and published on the HoneyLemonGinger website with courtesy from the original creator of the recipe


      MY FIRST Published Book


      My first book, Energy for Life: One Body Cell at a time, is a summary of all that I learned and discovered during nutrition school. It comprises of my 10 Steps that personally healed my body and taught me how to live a healthier lifestyle. Most of the recipes in my book are FUSION RECIPES that I converted from unhealthy to healthy recipes.


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        Easy & most delicious banana bread with quinoa
        Easy & most delicious banana bread with quinoa
        Sweet Potato Muffins
        Sweet Potato Muffins
        Indian dokra with healthy twist
        Indian dokra with healthy twist
        Seekh Kababs
        Seekh Kababs
        Spicy oats (upma)
        Spicy oats (upma)
        How To: Cook the Perfect Brown Rice Recipe
        How To: Cook the Perfect Brown Rice Recipe
        Mango Coconut Ice cream
        Mango Coconut Ice cream
        Fish Biryani

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        I am vegetarian and don't eat eggs. I also love to travel and explore different cuisines. As such, it was already difficult for me to lose weight. I tried many diets before, but nothing worked. I felt tired and frustrated, so I ate more. I knew that I needed to do something about my health, and I couldn't keep eating and gaining weight. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I found myself eating even more. It was then when I approached Rafia.

        She was very polite, professional, and patient, and helped me with all my questions. She guided me every step of the way. I entered this program to lose weight, but I learned a lot more. I have never felt as satisfied after meals in my entire life. She also taught me how to sustain a healthy weight, which was very important to me. I started the program weighing 134 pounds in July 2020. With Rafia's help, I was able to lose 10 pounds by the end of October 2020. Rafia's program and coaching have helped me reach my goal weight and sustain a healthy lifestyle. It has also helped boost my confidence and satisfaction level.

        Semina L, College Station, TX


        Rafia is one of my most life-changing coach. It was like magic. She is an excellent person. My biggest successes while working with her as my coach was, that I was able to achieve my goals, far above and beyond my expectations

        Suriya H


        In Rafia’s group coaching program, she helped me change my lifestyle. Now, I am able to achieve a lot more throughout the day, I feel more energetic, happier, and healthier. She is very supportive and went out of her way to guide us. I was eating unhealthy foods and feared weight gain. I am now able to eat healthy and not be afraid of gaining weight. I was so impressed with her coaching that I joined her one on one coaching program.

        Rozy F.


        Due to my past experiences with FAD diets, I had my doubts going into this program, that no matter what, I will not lose the weight! Rafia was very patient, encouraging, and supportive throughout my journey to lose weight. I lost 10 lbs and feel the same. However, I learned so many healthy options to eat and of course, my family benefited from me. During the 3 month sessions and after the sessions I was on and off from my healthy routine, but once I am back on track, I lose the weight. Dear Rafia, I learned a lot from you. Thank you so much for showing me the right things to eat and lose weight. I want to learn more!!

        Bilquis L.


        Thank you for your guidance. I loved attending your interesting, enthusiastic, and motivating sessions. I was always waiting and looking forward to your sessions. I see a difference in my food habits, food portion, and my blood report, too. I feel I have come a long way towards a better lifestyle and eating habits. It did make a difference to me and it can make a difference in others too, who will take coaching from you. It not only benefits your clients but it’s the whole family and to some extent friends too. So, it has triple benefits. God bless you and your family.

        Nargis S.


        It has been a life changing experience since I joined the Health program and Rafia has been an amazing Coach. In the past, I have attempted different diet programs, but that would work only for a short time. I had put on a lot of weight with bad eating habits. I used to be tired and my doctor was worried about my lab results and wanted me to get on medicine for High blood pressure and Diabetes. I told him when he will see me after 3 months then after my lab results prescribe me medicine.  I then joined the program and Rafia helped the group to be motivated, she would listen to each concern from the group and would explain it in a very simple way how to overcome it. After 3 months my doctor was shocked to see me losing 30 pounds and my lab work was all clear and he said I do not need any medicine. I do not get my frequent backaches, as she made sure I do simple exercises. The coaching was not about one individual, but it impacted the family. In years I had to shop my clothing in Plus sizes and now it feels so Great to wear smaller sizes. It has boosted my Confidence and Self –Esteem. She guided us what to look for and buy in Groceries and shared some delicious but healthy recipes, after that, I do not feel deprived of any of my favorite food. Her Miracle Bone Broth has done wonders to me, my family and friends.

        Thank you, Rafia for playing a major role in Changing my life and will highly recommend to anyone who is thinking about their health to be coached by you.

        Malekeh S.


        I had an unhealthy lifestyle where I used to eat heavy, unhealthy meals from restaurants or fast foods. I never watched portions or counted calories nor checked on the quality of food. After taking private sessions with Rafia, I have learned how to balance my foods, eat healthy and watch my calories. Exercise now is become a part of my new healthy habit and not a chore like before. I eat more fruits and vegetables. I also learned how to manage stress and I am much happier and healthier now. I lost 9 pounds, which I tried but was not successful. Rafia, you have thoroughly helped me to live a healthy lifestyle. I am grateful for your help and guidance. I have dropped a size which I was not able to do for a long time. This has encouraged me to wear a Bikini for the first time in my life! Thank you! 

        Maunta K

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